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Published: 29th December 2009
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Imacros vs uBot studio

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With the rise of social marketing sites like twitter, myspace, and facebook, the internet has become a perfect place for any marketer looking to increase in profits. One of the many hurtles an internet marketer will face is getting focused leads to an offer. It is not to hard after you pick up on the fundamentals. Getting traffic is pretty much based totally on writing articles, bookmarking links, video submission, and so on. But sitting there for hours at a time posting articles and bookmarking links can get extremely lengthy, and can quickly drain a person of their motivation and energy.

The way to get around this is by trying software or bots to automate the every day task of posting content. Well the issue with purchasing software from some unknown source is that you never can tell if the product basically works as explained, or if the software will become useless a week from the day you bought it.

So many people nowadays are looking to make their own bots and software. To either have more control over the automation, or to make a bot more specific to their own personal needs . Now programing is a particularly difficult task especially if you haven't got any prior data in doing so. It can be very annoying to learn, not to mention creating your bot from nothing.

Thanks to bot making software like Imacros and uBot, folks can now simply with no previous experience or data on writing a script can. Imacros has been around for about three or 4 years now and has helped many amateurs create their very first completely automated bots. But as time passes, in particular time in the land of PCs and the Net, better technology and advancements come along leaving some program engineers choking on dust.

uBot is now turning into the first and only choice for building and coming up with money making bots. By employing uBot Studio for making bots and software you can really have complex bots completed and ready to be used within hours instead of weeks. With their point and click interface uBot makes it convenient to code bots like article submitters, bookmarking submitters, account creation bots, and any other bot you can presumably think about.

I was one to advised and use Imacros, and was really nervous to even give uBot a chance . But as more and more folks started saying that uBot can do things that Imacros was unable to, I claimed to my self its time for a change. I quickly commenced watching the video help files that were posted on the uBot Studio internet site. These videos aren't concealed, and anyone thinking about buying uBot can have access and watch them at anytime. I thought to myself this is great, uBot must have absolute confidence in their product to let even their potential purchaser have access to their videos.

One of the major elements that uBot was offering that Imacros was not, was conditional statements built right into the software. Now if you don't know what conditional statements are it is the If, Then, or Else commands that help in keeping your bot running smoothly. They're the commands to have your bot make a choice if something is either present, or not present on the internet site your bot is manipulating. So you might say this is a vital feature for any bot making software to have.

A better example of a conditional statement use is... Lets say you have a Youtube account creation bot, and in the creation process the user-name your bot entered was taken by someone else. Well without the If statement being available to use, your bot would run into a difficulty. In Imacros you can use conditional statements only if you control your bot with an extra programming language like VBS or C for example. This would force that you know some other scripting language and defeats the whole purpose of having a bot creation software to shed light upon things.

Now if you wanted to use conditional statements in Imacros you would need something similar to their scripting addition to make it possible. Imacros scripting addition will run you about $500, and you'd still need to know some other programing language to even employ it. UBot on the other hand is offering their bot creation studio for $248. Now this is half the price of Imacros and you also will have complete access to all updates for one year. They have also been known to update with new features as frequently as once or twice a week.

When using Imacros during my account creations I noticed that I might need to provide usernames, passwords, and all of the other profile details. In uBot these are built right into the software. You can make complete use of them if you don't wish to manually enter in any details yourself. Imacros didn't supply any UI boxes or anything like that to make it even possible. To try this you'd need to employ a csv file as the datasource and an inventory of all the profile details in a row, and then you would need to call them one at a time.

uBot makes it extraordinarily simple to execute UI boxes, check boxes, and many more. Imacros does not have this option at all, and it is very annoying to always create a csv for the user to have interaction with the bot. This is one of many features I was always counseling that Imacros upgrade and use. Of course it never happened but it would've been nice if they'd have.

Now lets say you have your bot all done and you are extremely proud of what you have made. You then decide to put a price on it and sell it to others. Well if you made this bot with Imacros you'll have to pay a large amount of money to do so. You will need to buy further licenses to distribute the players that are required to play the scripts. Brace your self!!! It will cost $99.00 for five licenses, $199.00 for 50, and $399.00 for unlimited licenses. WTF, right? Well don't worry, because when you choose uBot over the extremely well price Imacros you can compile your bots into an EXE. ( Executable ) file, and then distribute and sell those files anyhow you think acceptable. UBot does not require that their users buy any additional licenses of any type.

I'll leave you with this final thought. Imacros worked for me and though I was able to automate my each day task of promoting online, it didn't virtually compare to the price, or the features that uBot has and is at present still offering. I have now decided to plug uBot since it is a 100% real product that I have not had any issues with using.

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